My Apollos

Apollos and I always made the best teams. He or she would calm me down when I wanted to start fights, I’d rile him/her up when he/she wanted to stop fights. Ah yes, we were and sometimes still are the dream duo. We were so incompatible and opposite in nature that it somehow worked out. We’d always, sarcastically of course, say how much we hated each other. Despite our innumerable differences, we were the ones who made sure that life doesn’t get either too wild nor boring.

You’ll meet many Apollonians and Dionysians in your lifetime. I’ve personally met hundreds of Apollonians, but most of them seemed too balanced because they had a mind-numbingly boring approach to life, saying that being an Apollo or Dionysius is a false dichotomy. Of course it is, you buzzkills! Saying otherwise would be like ignoring the color gray! But here’s the deal: you only have one life to live, so why on Earth would you choose to be an Apollonian or a Dionysian at the same time? You’re neither too rational, thus, by 18th Century standards, a God of Righteousness, nor a God of Drunkenness and Regrettable but Fun Decisions. Where’s the fun in being “both”, if you’re eventually going to meet someone who will balance you out, and more importantly if you’re eventually going to die. On top of that, you will balance you out. Let me explain.

Even if his theories are basically debunked, I’ll still mention Freud here. Apollonians will have their Ids and Dionysians will always have their Superegos to automatically make sure that you’re neither too ascetic nor wild in order to make sure that no one will ever be a God of Rationality or me. So, knowing that the unconscious part of you will always balance you out, might as well make the conscious part of you make the decisions that will immortalize you in the hearts and minds of the people you will meet! When was the last time a well-balanced person remembered for being, well, a well-balanced person?
Dedicated to all the Apollos I’ve ever met. You can count on me to make sure that someone will always try to make you turn to the dark side. ❤


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