On video games

Nietzsche controversially asserted that alcohol and religion were the two most widespread narcotics to have swept the West, while he was still writing. They both (artificially) make life seem bearable without making any effort: one numbs you to emotional pain through amnesiac and drunken episodes, the other makes you believe that this life is supposed to be painful to begin with, and that the only thing you should look forward to is another life in the realm of the dead. I, as the edgy little shitlord that I so proudly am, would like to add another activity to the list: video games.

While I was doing my “research” on the subject matter, I found that most people make up some pretty stupid and unfounded reasons to why video games are unhealthy or bad: “they make gamers more violent”, some say. “They desensitize children to horrific crimes such as murder, theft, and so on”, others claim. These are obviously not an issue, because frankly, who cares. I’ll give you my reason to why video games can be considered a narcotic (pretentious assertion, I know) and why they are the loser’s activity.

They are, in essence, a refusal to life’s potential to be satisfiable. Instead of going outside, making friends, learning or immersing yourself in culture, you catch a bunch of stupid fucking Pokémons and you trap yourself in another reality, where you don’t have to make a real effort to be the protagonist of the story. To say the least, your grandfather would be disappointed in you. Think of how much you are sabotaging your chances of being the best professor of Economics since Adam Smith, think of how many sexy pieces of clothing you would have bought if you didn’t spend that money on DLCs and Christmas Deluxe Editions and Summer Seventeen Wanker Post-Game Package on your stupid alternative reality simulator! Think of how many hours you have spent living through a screen instead of outside!

I don’t say this as an authority figure who just doesn’t like the idea of you having fun, I say this as an ex-gamer who stopped gaming. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I started taking care of my skin and the image I projected onto others instead of taking care of my town in Animal Crossing (yes I played Animal Crossing, and fuck you it was the best). I say this as a teenager who has his whole life ahead of him, and who frankly doesn’t have the time nor patience to manage a stupid virtual soccer team. I say this as a human being who wants you to stop looking so disgusting when you look down on a screen.

This is my reason to why video games are so bad, and video game-centered “communities” are just as bad as religious communities. They’re all just a bunch of nerds who can’t take their lives into their own hands, and so they create alternative realities because of how weak they are: they need escapism.

Lmaoooo I’m gonna get so much shit for this post


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