Spiritual nonsense

My aura feels that it hasn’t been able to express itself in a long time because of work, which has been overwhelming lately. I did sense a disturbance in the force, however, I chose to not freak out since my instincts are usually as useful as a glass hammer. But, out of precaution and motherly overprotectiveness, I did what was “rational” and texted some of my soulmates to check if they’re okay. Thankfully, they’re all on vacation, having the time of their lives. That, by itself, is enough to make me happy. I could be in prison, surrounded by murderers and, even worse, jaywalkers, and I’d still be in a state of mental serenity if my soulmates visited me every week to tell me how they feel and what’s been going on with their lives. I don’t most of them aren’t really aware of how much I care about them, and that’s fine. I just hope that they know that they’re loveable individuals.

I’m going to go back to work now. This was fun.


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